Stunning Sicily October 2021, Day 10

Ciao from Stunning Sicily, Day 10! After an inspirational discussion about Santa Rosalia, our emotions were conjured. The will and faith of the people of Palermo touched our hearts — especially the stories about father Puglisi and his work supporting the young minds of the city, aiming to undermine the power of the Mafia.

After a typical Palermitano lunch in Vucciria market, our guide Tania led us on an awe-inspiring tour of Montreal Cathedral.

Then, we had a special guided tour of Palazzo Gangi, the dazzling location of the ballroom scenes in 1969 Visconti film, The Leopard. Regretfully, no photos are allowed in the palace, but I assure you, it was an extraordinary crescendo from darkness to light!

Our full day ended with a demonstration by Teatro Argento’s Nicola Argento, the 4th generation puppeteer, who showed us the joys of l’opera dei pupi. Finally, my talented and creative friend Linda Anello brought her beautiful, handcrafted coffe bags to show us… And of course, we can’t resist them!

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