The Staff, Wreath, And Palm: Ritual Bread For Saint Joseph’s Day

Join me to recognize St. Joseph’s Day on Thursday, March 18 at 8PM Eastern.

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You’ll learn more about the feast. Such as, on traditional St. Joseph’s Day altars or le tavolate di San Giuseppe, you will see these three types of loaves pictured. On the left is the staff (vastuni), which represents Joseph, the father (the symbol of male fertility), who you will often see carrying a baton in his imagery. In the center is a round wreath (cuddureddi), which illustrates Mary, the mother (the representative of female fertility/the womb/goddess of the grain), and on the right, a palm (parma), which designates Jesus, the son and the martyr (also eternal life/rebirth/spring/life cycle). It’s very profound. Then within those forms, you’ll see other imagery, such as grapes (wine harvest and prosperity), fish (innocence), flowers (elevated spirituality, detachment from earthly possessions). I hope to see you Thursday night!

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