Ameri-Sicula: Sicilian Culture in America

I’m thrilled to have contributed a chapter to this book that has just been released! Ameri-Sicula: Sicilian Culture in America, edited by Mark Hehl and published by Legas. “Cannoli: The Gateway to Discovering My Sicilian Heritage,” discusses how my father’s sweet tooth opened a sublime world to me.

“Because like the cow’s-milk ricotta-based cannoli sold at Cuccio’s in Brooklyn, I was raised with a blueprint that was based in something traditional, yet my culture and way of life has been transformed by place and time. Yes, I have a lot in common with my cousins in Bagheria—kinky, thick hair, defined cheekbones, and strong emotions. We definitely belong to each other; yet we possess essential differences that make them Sicilian and me American. And the result is something to appreciate, enjoy, and celebrate—like a good cannoli.”

Ameri-Sicula includes over 20 chapters by writers, thinkers, and influencers of Sicilian culture in America.

To best support this project, you may purchase Ameri-Sicula directly from Legas using this order form:

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