Cassatelle Sweet Calzones From Sicily

Cassatelle (pictured) are sweet calzones stuffed with a mixture of fresh sheep’s milk ricotta, confectioners’ sugar, and chocolate chips. They are fried, and upon being served, are dusted with confectioners’ sugar. When eaten warm from the fryer, they melt in your mouth. Cassatelle follow cannoli in terms of my favorite Sicilian dessert (Yes, more than cassata! Gelato is in a different category because when in Sicily, you eat it all day!).

Cassatelle are prevalent in Trapani province, but the tiny town of Agira in Enna province proudly claims them too. Today, like cannoli, cooks have augmented the original recipe, and around the island you will find many different fillings, including my second favorite (after the sheep’s milk ricotta): sweet pistacchio cream. Oh, my …

Want to try cassatelle? You can! They are on the menu for our Sicily on Long Island event on Sunday, February 9 in Glenn Cove at La Ginestra restaurant. Enzo said he would make them fresh. mmm mmm mmm ..

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