Say Yes To Sicily In 2020

Whenever I’m in Siracusa, I make a point to stop by the Antico Mercato in Ortigia to say hello to Angelo. Perhaps my roots as the great-granddaughter of fishermen from Porticello make me feel right at home in amongst the swordfish. TIP: Life is slower in Sicily, so when you are visiting friends and family (new and old), leave three times the amount of time you think you have in order to say hello (even if you don’t speak Italian!). In fact, just leave your watch in your pocket. You’ll be glad you did.

Come on, let’s experience Sicily together in 2020! To make my invitation to you even sweeter, use the code YES2020 and pay in-full by February 1, and you’ll receive an additional $150 off the cost of your Experience Sicily tour per person. Visit for tour dates and current early incentive offers, then add an additional $150 off. You could save up to $650 per person!

Contact me at to take advantage of this offer and reserve your spot today!

As Angelo and I are saying, “What are you waiting for?!”

(Photo Credit Chiara Musumeci Fotografia)

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  1. Will always say yes!!! website looks great 🙂

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Thank you!

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