A Sicilian Dessert Made With Grape Juice

Mosto d’uva, or grape must, which is normally used to make wine, can also be used to make Gelu d’uva (Let’s call it “grape mousse” in English.). Our hosts in Licodia Eubea showed us how to make this typical dessert during our cooking experience during July’s Life in A Remote Sicilian Town tour. Gelu d’uva is grape must mixed with calcium carbonate, cinnamon, cloves, and orange zest, then after that sets (or is aged), it’s boiled and combined with corn starch and once cooled, dusted with chopped toasted almonds. Maria Concetta contributed a prized bottle of her seasoned mosto that had been aged for eight years (Yes, eight years!) to create the final mixture that turned into the pictured pudding-like sweetness traditionally enjoyed annually this season.

What a great time we had with Maria Concetta, Carmen, Carmelo, and Antonella that day! Thank you all for your generosity and hospitality and for teaching us how to make gelu d’uva.

You too can learn this recipe! Join us in July 2020 when we explore Life in A Remote Sicilian Town once again. The full itinerary is at https://experiencesicily.com/2020-tours-of-sicily/life-in-a-remote-sicilian-town-july/

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