Saint Joseph And Homemaking

Many know San Giuseppe because it’s said that if you are hoping to sell your house, you should bury a statue of Saint Joseph upside down somewhere in your yard. Well, as a city-dweller looking to purchase a home, three years ago, I put my statue of Saint Joseph on the credenza in my living room facing a photo of the courtyard of the complex where my husband and I wanted to purchase an apartment. Three years later, I’m writing this as I look at exactly the view that my statue of Saint Joseph was looking at in the photo! So, I’d say that the patron saint of fathers, carpenters, and those who toil for their work delivered. As we’ve settled in over the past few months, we have fallen in love our new home.

Join me to thank St. Joseph for your abundance and good health and set your intentions for the seasons ahead with Experience Sicily on Sunday, March 24 at Cacio e Vino.

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