Inspired By The Clamour of Sicily’s Markets

Sicily has vibrant outdoor markets that in some cases are centuries old, like this one pictured, in Catania that is well known for its fresh fish, vegetables, cheese, meats, and nuts (Here, I’m buying pistachios from Bronte.). Palermo has three very famous ones: Vucciria, Ballarò, and Il Capo, each with its own character. Among their mazes of stalls and alleyways, it seems you can purchase almost anything! Under the umbrellas and awnings of Siracusa’s Mercato Antico you’ll find fresh fish, spices, produce, flowers, and lots of personalities. During the small-group tours I lead, I love taking our Experience Sicily guests into the chaos and clamour of these gems to experience the flavors, sounds, sights, and sensations of Sicily.

(Photo Credit: Chiara Musumeci Fotografia)

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