St. Joseph’s Pastry

For many, what they associate most with Saint Joseph’s Day (March 19) is the sweet sfince di San Giuseppe. Sfinci are fried cream puffs served hot with a dusting of cinnamon, confectioner’s sugar, and honey, or, like those pictured, cold and open-faced with a smear of sweet ricotta cream and decorated with candied orange and cherry. Depending on the baker and tradition, sfinci may have a different appearance and different ingredients. In Naples, for example, they even have a different name: le zèppole, and they’re made with a lemony custard. And in Rome, they are called Bignè di San Giuseppe. This pastry pictured is from the Sicilian pasticceria Villabate Alba in Brooklyn.

We’ll be enjoying both sfinci and zèppole on Sunday, March 24 during our annual community luncheon for St. Joseph’s Day at Cacio e Vino. Full details, menu, and RESERVE your spots at

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