Let’s Talk Cheese: Part 2

On sheep farms that are serious about producing Slow Food designated, Certified Organic, or DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta or Protected Designation of Origin) certified cheeses, they not only graze their sheep in regional fields that they know are safe for their animals, but they also serve their ladies grains and legumes that they grow on their farm, guaranteeing the feed’s quality and local production.

For example, here’s farmer Salvatore Cucchiara’s hand (NB: He milks hundreds of sheep by-hand a day!), proudly illustrating the orzo (barley wheat) that he grows and feeds his sheep to make his DOP recognized Vestedda cheese. He also feeds his sheep fava beans. In sum, the ladies’ milk is going to taste like fresh green grass, barely wheat, and fava beans. So, just like when you drink wine, you are eating Sicily when you enjoy Salvatore’s family’s cheese!

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