The Amazing Bread Arches of Easter

Once again this year (after a hiatus last year), the citizens of San Biagio Platini in Agrigento Province will recognize Christ’s triumph over death with the “Archi di Pasqua,” or the Arches of Easter. This year from April 1 until May 6, the mountain town’s Corso Umberto (i.e., Main Street) will be outfitted with elaborate archways, domes, and bell towers constructed using river reeds, willow, asparagus, bay leaf, rosemary, cereals, dates, and breads that are outfitted with colorful details depicting natural elements. For weeks leading up to the feast decorative details are handcrafted from a colorful salt-dough (similar to Play-Doh) and shaped like fruit, flowers, keys, doves, angles, chapels, and other images created in homage to the Madonna and Christ and then artistically placed on the “Architetture di Pane,” or Architecture of Bread.

My cousin, Filippo Buttitta, attended the 2016 feast and took this photo.

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