Sicily Travel Inspired By A Sandwich

On Monday, I met with new clients for whom we’re designing a custom Sicily tour for September. I asked them why they want to go to Sicily, and Mary replied, “Because of a sandwich.” This wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but then, if you’ve eaten in Sicily, you aren’t surprised when someone is inspired to travel there because of the food. Mary proceeded to pull up a credit-less video of said inspirational sandwich, which I am proud to say, I immediately recognized. I said, “Oh, yes, I know that sandwich.” She couldn’t believe it. But, if you know how much I know about Sicily … I said, looking more closely at the video, just to be sure, “Yes, that’s in the Mercato Antico in Ortigia.”

And so I present to you my photos of the very same sandwich (from two different visits) with the star of the video making it! (I was inspired by it too!) Therfore, if you are in Ortigia, stop at Caseificio Borderi, and you too can be inspired.

Another tip for your travel in Sicily: Come hungry!

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