Southern Secret #4: Eat with Royalty

WRITTEN by GUEST BLOGGER, Danielle Oteri of Feast on History

Guests always fall in love with Baronessa Cecilia Baratta Bellelli, who, in spite of her royal title, is extremely down to earth. On our second day of Southern Secrets: Campania and Sicily’s Hidden Corners (June 29 – July 8, 2018), you’ll learn to cook from Her Excellency at her buffalo farm in Paestum. Cecilia runs her cooking school at her farmhouse and teaches students how to make typical Southern Italian dishes like ravioli smothered in ragù, mozzarella in carozza, pizza, and torta caprese.

Her team of assistants help and do a lot of the hard work while you get to do the fun stuff (stamping out ravioli, melting chocolate, and stretching the pizza dough). After you’re done cooking, the long table will be set in her dining room filled with antiques and family heirlooms. We’ll dine family-style as we savor every bite of our labor. Buon appetito!

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