Where Ancient Myths Linger

The Cathedral of Syracuse was constructed in the 7th century C.E., engulfing the 5th century B.C.E. Greek Temple of Athena. The original Doric-style columns of the temple, pictured, are visible both inside and outside of the “Duomo” that houses the relics of the city’s patron saint, Santa Lucia.

The statue in this photo is one representation of the virgin martyr, Lucia, housed in the UNESCO recognized site.

On Day 3 of our May 2018 Myths & Mysteries of Sicily tour, we’ll see Siracusa’s duomo up close and learn the ancient myths that linger like whispers among the city’s alleyways and limestone walls. Reserve your spot by Nov. 1, and save up to $400/person. More at ExperienceSicily.com.

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  1. Just the columns alone would be worth the trip. Those are enormous! The statue – is that the original? restored? It’s really beautiful.

    1. Yes, seeing the columns is awe-inspiring! I don’t know much about the statue. I just love how they have featured it — Lucy is so pure.

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