Meet An Artist in Palermo

I’ve spent a busy couple of days in Palermo seeing cousins, doing some business, and scouting out artists’ shops and workshops for our Experience Sicily clients to consider visiting when they are in Italy’s 2018 Capital of Culture.

For example, if you are a knitter, and I know some of you are, you could spend an hour of so with Giulietta Salmeri who creates beautiful rugs, scarves, and other articles of clothing in Palermo’s historic center. Giulietta is a member of Artes. Associazione culturale di artigianato tessile, one of a couple of artist networks that I visited with my cousin Giulia today.

Palermo is bustling with so many wonderful artisan shops and products from textiles to jewelry to paper products and leather goods… Bring your wallet, because you’ll enjoy browsing and buying!

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