Inhale the Countryside 

You could spend your summer vacation with us in this splendid countryside of Sicily, where we’ll be staying for both our Music & Revelry in Sicily tour (July 13-20) and part of our Stirring Sicily cooking experience (September 7-14). 

Learn about of the details at Let’s talk!

3 thoughts on “Inhale the Countryside 

  1. Hello Allison,

    This is Deborah Damico.

    My husband and I met your Mom and Dad in Cape Cod last year. I have been following your blog for some time now. You have given me a world of information. Sicily is a very interesting location in the world. A gate way to everywhere and a lot of different cultures! I would like to visit Sicily with my niece. I just have to pin down my niece to plan the trip.

    Do you think, when you have time, you can give me some pointers as to what time of the year is best to come. Also some tips of the best areas to stay. My husband has relatives in Palermo and his father was from there.

    Thanks a lot Allison and God Bless!!!!

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