Still in the Family

Inspired by the Ortigia Antiquaria, an antique show in Siracusa from Nov. 7-9, I thought I’d share with you a neat story. The credenza pictured is my cousin Silvana’s. She has it in her beautiful, classically decorated apartment in Palermo. Originally though, it was my paternal great-grandmother Caterina’s, who had it in her home in Porticello. In the 1970s, when Silvana and her husband married and were furnishing their home, they purchased the credenza from my grandmother–Silvana’s maternal great aunt–when she was selling her mother-in-law’s (i.e., my paternal great-grandmother Caterina’s) estate. I know this sounds confusing… The neat thing for me is to have seen a possession that I imagine my great-grandmother, who I never met, loved. How wonderful to know it is still in the family!

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