Savoring Sicily, Day 8: Friends Make Me Rich

I promised our guests that they’d meet friends along the way, and today, Day 8 of Savoring Sicily, we certainly did! My heart is so full after a day meeting old friends and new who hosted us in the most wonderful ways… Through song, food, and wine! I want to gush and gush! I’ll try to keep this short…
Thank you to Giuseppe Benanti and Benjamin Spencer of Etna Wine School (left panel) for a fantastic evening of wine and song. Grazie to Alessi Liistro of Smile and Cooking (right top, center) for taking us through Ortigia’s market and organizing a fantastic lunch for us! Thank you to Marcoantonio Cappuccio (bottom right) and Angelo for giving me the opportunity to sing and dance with you among the fishes for all in the market (always an honor)! And mille grazie a Sebastiano Garifo (right top, right) for guiding us safely and intelligently through the streets of Siracusa, the hills of Etna, and the curves of Taormina. 

I am rich beyond my imagination! I savor every minute of these days with these fantastic friends.

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    So happy to see you and your tour guests having such a great time. You continue to provide an extraordinary Experience Sicily tour for all. Look forward to another trip.

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