Stirring Sicily, Day 7.a: Our Honor to Meet His Honor 

On our last day of Stirring Sicily, we had the great pleasure of meeting the mayor of Castelvetrano, Felice Errante, (center). His honor welcomed our Experience Sicily group, which was co-sponsored by Zest owners, Sharon and James Landis (right) along with beloved Zest teacher Antonino Elia (far left). You can see how full of joy our guests for the week made me! We had a fantastic time cooking, touring, and delighting in every moment. Thank you to Zest and to everyone at Case di Latomie, where we stayed, and to the fantastic people of Castelvetrano, most importantly, Sebastiano Chiofalo of for their excellent hospitality. We had a truly local experience! 

This morning our Stirring Sicily guests were off to more adventures, and I met our next group for Savoring Sicily to start our 13-day tour of the region. It’s time to Savor Sicily! 

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