Of course, Sfince di San Giuseppe


For many, the highlight of the Saint Joseph’s Day feast is the sweet sfince di San Giuseppe. Sfinci are fried cream puffs served hot with a dusting of cinnamon, confectioner’s sugar, and honey, or cold and open-faced with a smear of sweet cream and decorated with candied orange. Depending on the town, sfinci may have a different appearance and different ingredients. In Naples, for example, they even have a different name: le zèppole. And in Rome, they are called Bignè di San Giuseppe.

Celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day in New York City with Experience Sicily, Gelsomino Imports, and Eolo Seasonal Sicilian Kitchen on Sunday, March 20 at 3PM. More details at http://eolonewyork.com/st-josephs-day-feast-2016/. Call 646-225-6606 to reserve your spot.

4 thoughts on “Of course, Sfince di San Giuseppe

  1. Looks delicious! Oh, my goodness. And served hot. I’d have to eat it and go lie down for awhile just to fully experience it! Hey, Allison, I’m listening to you play and sing right now from the newsletter you sent! Great way to start my day. ❤ 🙂

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  2. Yummy! This looks so delicious I could almost taste it! Thank you for bringing St. Joseph’s so alive with these wonderful traditions. Sign me up for your next trip!

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    • We’ll be learning more about these beautiful rituals during our May 2016 tour at the heart of it all in Salemi, Sicily when we talk to locals and visit the off-the-beaten path Museum of Ritual Bread.


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