Meet Mirella


After our recent tour, during my stay in Bagheria, I was fortunate to meet graphic and ceramic artist Mirella Pipia in her beautiful store. I am a great admirer of Mirella’s designs, and thanks to my generous cousins, I’m fortunate to have many pieces decorating my apartment in New York. What a pleasure to have had the opportunity after many years to talk with her about her long career and her work! When you are in or near Bagheria, I highly recommend visiting her boutique at Via Domenico Sciortino, 8. Her ceramic designs are extraordinary.

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  1. What beautiful work in her shop! I saw many pieces I would like, but I think I would book a trip just to get those angel candleholders in the foreground – so precious. The clocks behind you are lovely, too. So much! (BTW, you look ecstatic in this photo – I love it!) <3

    1. Dana, Yes, it is truly hard to resist anything in this shop!

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