Step Beyond Yourself

The true joy of being a tour curator is knowing that your guests are challenging themselves to step beyond their normal ways. Here, Norman is enjoying his first of two pane ca’ meusa (veal spleen sandwiches) in Palermo. And he reported that he looks forward to future opportunities to eat this street food delicacy!

Palermo’s Hand-held Cuisine

This weekend in Palermo was the Panoramvs Street Food festival. Organized by Palermo’s civic government with support from the Milan Expo 2015, the Street Food Festival celebrated the city’s world-famous hand-held cuisine including pane cà meusa (veal spleen sandwich, pictured), panelle (chickpea flower fritters), cazzilli (potato fritters) arancine (rice balls), sfincioni (flatbread baked with tomato/anchiovies/caciocavallo…