Step Beyond Yourself


The true joy of being a tour curator is knowing that your guests are challenging themselves to step beyond their normal ways. Here, Norman is enjoying his first of two pane ca’ meusa (veal spleen sandwiches) in Palermo. And he reported that he looks forward to future opportunities to eat this street food delicacy!

4 thoughts on “Step Beyond Yourself

  1. I know this as vastedda but usually we called it schettu/maritatu single or married. Either made of spleen or the lungs of a cow, there was a place on 10th and 1st avenue for a million years that sold it. It was topped with ricotta and cacao cavallo or a grated cheese in long strips. I loved this. I have not had it in years since that restaurant closed. I wonder if it still tastes the same! Glad you reported on this Allison… Francesca

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    • Francesca, New York City? Really? Actually, that would make sense because it was the Sicilian neighborhood! (And near my old apartment!) something tells me that restaurants may not be allowed to serve this kind of meat any more. Not sure…


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