Our Morning on Etna

There are many ways to visit Etna, Europe’s largest, most active volcano that is the star of the show in northeast Sicily. It’s advised to go in the early morning because the sky is clearer of smoke and haze from Mamma Etna’s (aka, Mongibello) ongoing venting from the top’s 5 or 6 craters. During our…

Spewing For A Millennia 

Etna has been spewing lava and ash for millennia. Last week, I was so excited to see it do so in person. Thankfully, the ongoing eruption is somewhat staid and very different than the historic events following March 8, 1669, when the citizens of Catania thought they could challenge Etna. Unfortunately, they were wrong.  Over…

White & Black

The area around the crater of Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, sports a black lava surface. So, when it snows like it did last week, as shown here, the contrast between the white powder and the hardened, black lava is stunning.

Ski Sicily

Have you ever thought of skiing on a volcano? Well, in Sicily you can. Mount Etna boasts two ski resorts: Nicolosi and Piano Provenzana. The best skiing is from December to February–so don’t delay, the season is almost over! (Photo Credit: Experience Sicily’s Filippo Buttitta)

Etna: She Needs to Vent

Mount Etna’s craters (there are sometimes as many as 20 vents) are always changing because the volcano is always erupting. Mongibello, as it is called by the locals, is 11,000 feet high. When visiting, the air may be chilling because of its elevation; however, you’ll feel heat when you put your hand on the black…