Lava Casa


In towns and cities in the shadow of Etna, Sicily’s volcano, black stones cut from hardened lava are used for construction, as illustrated by this cottage on Etna’s slope.

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  1. I think I may have seen buildings constructed of lava stone in Hawaii – then again, maybe not! That’s really unique. And is that snow on the ground? Snow on Mt. Etna?

    1. Yes, it is snow on the ground! It snows a lot on Mt. Etna. It’s almost 11,000 feet (not as tall as some in Colorado, but for the Mediterranean, and a volcano… ). I would venture to guess that in Hawaii, they have buildings made of lava stone. It’s pretty neat to see!

  2. Claire walsh says:

    So good to see this photo! I was fortunate enough to be there with Allison in April. Yes, there was snow on the ground and very cold and gusty on Mt. Aetna.

    1. Cold and gusty for sure! Bring your wind breaker and long Johns!

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