A Crater, the Wind, and I


This week we’ve traversed Sicily, and we’ll do it again tomorrow! These last few days, we’ve gone from beautiful rock stacks at Lo Scopello to today’s below-freezing winds and falling snow at the top of the volcano Etna! At one point on the trek, the wind was so strong, I thought I was going to be blown off the side of the crater’s rim! I’m not exaggerating. Yet again, Mother Earth was showing me who was boss. I know through these posts, I aim to impress upon you how amazing Sicily is, but I must say, these past days I have been, once again–almost literally–blown away by the beauty of its varied landscapes (mountains and snow!) and kindness of Sicilians (all week!). My mom has been my travel companion for this adventure packed with research about excursions, accommodations, and gastronomic delights. (Thanks Mom!) I’ve seen and learned a lot so we can share a more culturally rich and profound Sicilian travel experience with you all. Now, can you imagine yourself on the rim of a volcano’s crater? We at Experience Sicily will help you get there,  and then some!

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