The Joy Of Cooking In Sicily

What joy it is to learn classic Sicilian recipes from GoSicily Sicilian Cooking Experience, one of three local hosts with whom we meet during our Experience Sicily small-group tour, Cooking In Sicily: Stirring Sicily. One day during September 16-23, 2020, Chef Antonino Elia and I will be back in Annalisa’s kitchen outside of Agrigento with…

Savor the Sauce 

We’ll be getting into the tasty details on September 26 in Sicily. I know you’ll savor the sauce that we’ll make in our hands-on cooking class with Annalisa of GoSicily! Contact me at for the full, 8-day, multi-sensory, small-group tour itinerary (September 23-30, 2017). 

My Favara Lamb 

I present to you the Favara-style Easter lamb I made under the direction of Annalisa Pompeo of GoSicily. Sicilian Cooking Experience during our Stirring Sicily hands-on cooking experience last September. The lamb is one of the most prominent symbols of Easter. In Christianity, it symbolizes purity and sacrifice – two qualities associated with Jesus Christ….

Pasta from Scratch

Here’s a way you can really impress your friends: Invite them over for dinner and in front of their eyes, make pasta from scratch! Furthermore, you can say, “I learned how to do this from a local mamma in Sicily.” Oh, yeeeaaah. That’s right, we’ll spend the evening of Day 4 of Experience Sicily’s September…

Stuffed Sardines Siciliana

Sarde a beccafico, or stuffed sardines, is arguably my favorite “secondo,” or second dish. Tonight at Zest!, GoSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience’s Annalisa Pompeo taught us how to make this signature Sicilian recipe. With assistance from beloved teacher Nino Elia, we learned how to make the stuffing mixture, prepare the fresh sardines, and fry them up….

Passing on Love

As we were reminded yesterday by Annalisa of GoSicily, Sicilian Cooking Experience, the traditions of food preparation and recipes are passed from one generation to the next. Grandmothers to mothers to daughters and sons… Here, Cacio e Vino’s owner, Giusto Priola, is showing one of our New York event’s guests how to make fresh cavatelli…