Small and Insignificant

Palermo’s main post office on Via Roma is one of the city’s only notable examples of 20th century architecture. Built by architect Angiolo Mazzoni between 1928 and 1934, it reflects the Fascist and Futuristic design styles of the time. When you ascend its steps, the white building successfully makes you feel small and insignificant.

Corinthian Leaves

These columns from the Baroque facade of the Duomo on Ortigia are in the Corinthian architectural style for a reason. The city of Siracusa, with Ortigia Island as its jewel, was founded in 734 BC as a colony of Corinth, Greece. Over the subsequent centuries, Siracusa became the most important city of Magna Grecia. Corinthian…

Temple of Harmony

The magnificent Temple of Concordia is named for a Latin inscription that was found on a dedication marker unearthed in the vicinity of the Valley of the Temples archaeological site–i.e., a marker not associated with the temple; however spirited archaeologists took the text on the marker that said something to the effect of “dedicated to…

Temple on the Ridge: Enchanting Sicily, Day 4

Agrigento’s archaeological site Valley of the Temples is 13 square kilometers. It contains eight different archaeological finds–five of which are temples. Pictured on this ridge is the outstanding Tempio della Concordia. Come tour this UNESCO World Heritage site with me this September on Day 4 of Experience Sicily’s Enchanting Sicily tour. Contact me at…

A Temple for Hera

The Doric-style Temple “E” at the ancient Greek site of Selinunte was completed between 490 and 480 BC. Recent research reveals that it was probably dedicated to the goddess Hera, the protectress of weddings, engaged couples, and pregnant women.