The Pits Make It Sweeter

My cousins and I enjoyed fresh watermelon, or “anguria” in Italian, at a local restaurant on Panarea Island (Aeolian Islands). Another thing I remember about this lunch, was the arugula salad, which the owner, who served us, said had just been prepared from “la rugula” that he picked from the restaurant’s back garden.

Watermelon is at peak season in Sicily during July and August, so if you are visiting, be sure to eat some. Sicilians eat what’s in season, and rightfully so, because whatever the fruits, vegetables, or catch that are plentiful will make your culinary experience unforgettable. When in Sicily, do as… #sicily #sicily_travel #sicilia #watermelon #anguria…

On Ferragosto, Sicilians eat gelu di mulune or, in Italian, gelo d’ anguria, a watermelon custard that is served chilled, in little cups. Ideal for a hot summer day. This one is from the award winning pasticceria Don Gino in Bagheria, PA. #ferragosto #sicily #sicily_travel #sicilia #bagheria #anguria #watermelon