Family Lunch in Caccamo, Sicily

I was blessed to spend today, New Year’s Day, with my family in Caccamo. This is the view from the agriturismo where we had lunch (NB a three and a half hour lunch!). We ate local sausages and cheeses cultivated and created from these hills. We also celebrated my cousin Tanina’s 80th birthday, and of course, the arrival of the new year. Time with loved ones is priceless. If this sets the stage for 2023, then, I say, yes! to more of it.

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  1. John Keahey says:

    I loved the time I spent in Caccamo and writing about it. Here’s to a safe and kind New Year.

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Yes, cheers to that, John! And more time in Caccamo!

  2. Joseph Bean says:

    Bravo to you. Soon we will be under that sun.

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Yes, you will be!

  3. Francine Laura says:

    Beautiful! Felice Anno Nuovo! Hope to connect in person in 2023!

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Grazie Francine!

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