Santa Lucia In New York City 2022

Eyes on a plate: This is how one identifies Santa Lucia, the patroness of light, grain, wheat, and eyes. Legend is that her eyes were gouged out either to make herself unattractive to her pagan betrothed or upon her arrest when Roman soldiers could not move her from where she stood. She was a determined young woman with a lot of insight. Hers is a significant story related to faith and the winter solstice.

Join me in NYC on Sunday, December 11 at Pasta Eater restaurant. Along with special guest chef Giuseppe Sciurca, who will be creating a traditional Sicilian menu for the feast, we will have a full four course meal, wine, live music, and an altar and presentation for Santa Lucia. She’s a powerful protectress! Register at

(Statue of Santa Lucia from Sant’Angelo Muxaro)

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