Artemis In Sicily: Her Realm Is The Wilderness

A 400 BCE statuette of the goddess Artemis riding a deer, found in Siracusa (now on display at Museo Orsi). Such votives were used to venerate deities throughout the ancient Greek Mediterranean. Artemis is the mistress of animals and wild, untamed things. The wilderness is where you’ll feel her presence. She is the goddess of the hunt and hunters. She protects women in childbirth and maidens. She is a symbol of female independence, and shows us the value of solitude and wild, untamed places. She was strongly venerated in Siracusa and beyond.

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  1. Allison, I love that you keep finding large and small things – like this statuette of Artemis, mistress of animals and wild and untamed things! A beautiful reminder of our inner wild and untamed things, too. -Dana

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Yes, in fact, you, Dana, are brilliant because you understood this immediately! The inner wild and untamed is equally important… She leads us there, whether with fear or not, but always with the intention of healing.

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