52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #4. Sicilians

Riccardo, her son, had just showed me around the bed and breakfast that they operate upstairs from the kitchen where we are in the photo. Paolo, a good friend, brought with him to share his pecorino (sheep) cheeses with pistachio and saffron, but not only.

Knowing about my passion for cannoli (Thanks to Pierfilippo and another Paolo, not pictured), he brought fresh ricotta that he made from his sheep’s’ milk. His mother prepared the cannoli cream for our aperitivo so we could stuff  on the spot the cannoli shells he picked up at the pastry shop in the ancient town center. Needless to say, these cannoli were outstanding! After I ate every morsel, Anna sent me on my way with a bottle of olive oil made from from the trees on her property and dried oregano that she prepared. See them laughing? Yup. That’s what the entire evening was like.

(Meet Anna and Riccardo at Casa Puccio B&B in Caltabellota)


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