Meet The Ladies Of Girgenti

These ladies are a rare breed of goat that is distinguished by its spiral, tall horns and long hair. Called capra girgentana, this species is valuable for its milk that possesses an equal amount of fat to protein. The name girgentana recalls the old Sicilian name of the city of Agrigento, Girgenti. During the mid-twentieth century, throughout southwestern Sicily, girgentana goats numbered more than 30,000. Today, there are fewer than 1000 throughout the island, where there is a concerted effort to replenish the population.

Artisanal cheese made from the capra girgentana’s milk has become sought after by gourmands. Azienda Agricola Casusko in Joppolo Giancaxio is one of the leaders in the region cultivating this beautiful breed and making outstanding cheese from their light, naturally sweet milk.

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