They Stabbed Lucia With A Dagger

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(Story continued from yesterday…)

Like Sant’Agata of Catania before her, the maiden Lucia refused to participate in the activities of the brothel to which she was condemned. This of course, angered the madame, and the authorities were called to further punish our protagonist. Somewhere in this mayhem, the beautiful maiden’s eyes were either gouged out by the Roman soldiers or she did it herself to make herself unattractive to the pagan to whom she was promised in marriage and/or the clients at the brothel. When the governor of Siracusa, Paschasius, sent soldiers to remove her, she was immovable! They brought in oxen to drag her away, yet the oxen were unable to move her from where she stood. The soldiers attempted to burn Lucia at the stake, but the flames failed to smolder under her feet. Finally, on that fateful day, December 13, 304 A.D., they stabbed her in the throat with a dagger. Her blood steeped into the earth, and she was buried where she met her death.

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