Santa Lucia 2020

Celebrate La Festa di Santa Lucia Online with Us in 2020

featuring an Arancini (rice balls) and Cuccia Cooking Class

When: Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 12 noon Eastern

Who: Special Guest Alessia Liistro of Smile & Food who will be live from her kitchen in Siracusa, Sicily

Where: Online via Zoom

Access: $40/screen login

Although we can’t meet in person to celebrate la Festa di Santa Lucia this year, we can meet online! Together with my friend and colleague in Sicily, Alessia Liistro of Smile & Food, we’ll be teaching you how to make rice balls (Arancini) and cuccia (sweet farro traditionally eaten for the feast) as well as discussing the traditions of the Festa di Santa Lucia–like, for example, why rice balls and what exactly is cuccia and why do Sicilians eat these dishes for Santa Lucia?!


  • Short presentation about the legend of Santa Lucia and the culture  and traditions of her feast, which is held annually on December 13.
  • Demonstration of cuccia (Recipe will be sent later to participants)
  • Arancini (Rice balls) cooking lesson
    • Ingredients and preparation materials will be available upon registration.

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