Cook In Sicily At An Extraordinary Location

It’s hard to describe a day like today would have been because Chef Giuseppe Sciurca and Valeria Signorino do everything 120%. So when I ask them to plan something extraordinary, they come up with something like having a hands-on cooking experience outside under a tree steps from the ancient Greek temple at Himera. I mean, come on! Today, would have surprised you… It would have been the last full day of what would have been our Stirring Sicily cooking, food, and wine tour (Tomorrow is departure day).

Himera is a very important historic site from ancient times because the Greeks and the Cartheginians had two different battles there that changed the course of history (yes, really!). You would have learned more details during our pre-cooking visit in the museum and at the ruins of the temple, which was destroyed during the second, revenge battle in 409 BCE.

Meanwhile, with Chef Giuseppe, you would have made classic Palermitani dishes like arancine (rice balls) and panelle… Because your third class would have completed your tour’s curriculum of a survey of Sicilian dishes to take home. All taught by province-based professionals with helpful interpretation led by luminary Antonino Elia, who knows how you American-cooks think. The recipes are one thing, but the new friends you would have made on this small-group experience are the emotions you remember and will cherish for years to come.

I hope you’ll think about joining us in 2021 or 2022 for Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily when all of these suppositions will (if we all do our part!) can be a reality.

Meanwhile, see our Story on Instagram or Facebook for a full glimpse into what would have been today… If we could have traveled to Sicily.

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