Swimming And Snorkeling Off The Boat In Sicily

After you enjoyed a relaxed Sunday morning with a leisurely breakfast, if we were in Sicily, you would have seen this outstanding coastline at Capo Zafferano during a boat excursion with Skipper Vincenzo. You would have had the opportunity for swimming and snorkeling off the boat, where you would have swam in the turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea where my family fished for generations. You would have seen La Secca della Formica, an underwater mountain that grazes the sea’s surface, but more importantly, shelters all kinds of colorful semi-tropical fish for you to have meditated on as you floated on the warm water’s surface.

After a gelato, back in shore in Porticello at La Serenella (tell me which flavor you would have had and how it would have been served to you!), you would have had time to get dressed for a splendid evening of time on your own for shopping, photo taking, people watching and dining, in enchanting Cefalù. A perfect Sunday in Sicily! (sigh)

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