A Picnic In The Forest In Sicily

Today if we were in Sicily for our Stirring Sicily small-group food and wine tour, you would have delighted in a picnic in the forest. And this year, we would have remembered the wine opener so Bill wouldn’t have to use a tree to pop the cork! Your wine would taste wonderful paired with the fresh cheeses from the sheep farm we would have visited this morning. Especially the ricotta they made in front of you, coupled with honey from the farm.

Before we arrived in the forest, we would have purchased crusty bread from the bakery in the village of Ventimiglia di Sicilia. Oh, and you would have helped the butcher make the sausage with fennel seeds that Chef Giuseppe and Chef Nino would have been grilling for your lunch.

After a gentle hike in the forest to see the magnificent valley below (and a lot of laughs–Is that the wine?), you would stroll through the streets of Termini Immerse and choosen which flavor of gelato you’d like and how you’d like it–brioche, cone, or cup? (Un cono di pistacchio per me, per favore.). Thanks to Valeria and Chef Giuseppe for creating a magnificent day! Now, time for pizza… And not only!

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