Borgo Parrini, A Slice Of Barcelona In Sicily

This summer Sicilians have been discovering Sicily in their effort to stay safe and close to home. With that in mind, many are enjoying the eclectic creativity of Borgo Parrini, a tiny neighborhood of the town of Partinico, which you’ll find a few miles west of Palermo. Originally developed in the 16th century by the Jesuits (Parrini means priests.), the division of homes has been occupied over the centuries by various residents, mostly supporting agricultural activities of the surrounding landscape. After a time of dis-occupation, current residents have taken it upon themselves to renovate the buildings inside and out in the style of Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain’s renowned architect of Catalan modernism. The result is something inspirational and beautiful! Thank you to my cousin Filippo Buttitta, who took this photo on a recent visit to this little known gem of color, tiles, inspired quotations, and creativity.


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