Modica, Sicily And Saint Peter And Saint Paul

Today is the feast day of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Peter, of course, is the protector of Rome (and popes too). But importantly (For my family especially, since my father is named Peter and I come from a long line of fishermen), he is the patron saint of net-makers, shipbuilders, and fishermen, and because he’s the gatekeeper and always seen with the keys to Heaven in his hands, locksmiths. Peter is also one of the patron saints of Modica, Sicily (The other is San Giorgio.). Here, on the right, exists his statue at the front of the Chiesa di San Pietro that is on the Corso Umberto of the UNESCO town that was rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake. It’s a beautiful example of Late Sicilian Baroque architecture.

A statue of Santo Paolo, patron of missionaries, evangelists, writers, and public workers, also sits on the elegant baroque staircase of the church (Here pictured on the left).

(As a side, I’d love to be in Galatina, Puglia today, dancing a pizzica tarantella with the other tarantate to celebrate Santo Paolo!).

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