Thanks To Two Chefs From Sicily And You

Thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday’s Carnevale with Two Chefs From Sicily at Cacio e Vino! Most importantly, I extend my sincere thanks to Chef Nino Elia., Valeria Signorino, and Chef Giuseppe Sciurca for all of their hard work to make this special event delicious and to Giusto Priola and the staff at Cacio e Vino for hosting Experience Sicily for this special dinner.

The evening was filled with handmade busiate pasta, vegetarian selections featuring Beyond Meat, and traditional chiacchiere di carnevale pastry. And thanks to all for singing along with me during the tarantelle! Mille grazie a Giulia Shine for these photos!

I look forward to seeing you all again for our St. Joseph’s Day events on March 8 and 15.