Experience Mythic Mountains in Sicily May 2020

During May 2020’s Experience Sicily Myths and Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below tour co-hosted by Tony Allicino, we’ll go deep into the center of Sicily, where you’ll have your breath taken away by one of Sicily’s hidden gems, the stupendous Teatro Andromeda. From the top of the mythic mountains, you will nourish your awareness of the interconnectedness of Time and Air, Earth, Fire, and Water with a guided meditation led by Tony. Feel Sicily with us!

Learn more at https://experiencesicily.com/2020-tours-of-sicily/myths-mysteries-of-sicily-may-2020/. Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com to join this transformational tourism experience.

(Photo Credit Nicholas Gagliano/Studio Uno)

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