A Journey In Sicily To Discover Your Vision

“The Cyclopean Walls of Mount Erice” is a painting housed in the Palazzo dei Normanni (Royal Palace) in Palermo by painter Michele Cortegiani (1857-1919), (Oil on canvas, c. 1890). Monte Cofano pictured in the background is a magnificent limestone monolith on the Tyrrhenian coast that you’ll see with this same view when on Mount Erice, where we will be during Day 10 of May 2020’s Myths and Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below tour.

This painting, featuring a woman considering what is ahead of her, takes my breath away. Erice, where she stands, is a magical place that will inspire your spirit and your vision for what may be ahead of you in your life in a visceral way. It was after all, for millennia, a pilgrimage site to one of the most significant temples dedicated to the goddess of love in the ancient world.

Come with me (Allison Scola of Experience Sicily) and wellness practitioner Tony Allicino for this transformational journey. More at https://experiencesicily.com/2020-tours-of-sicily/myths-mysteries-of-sicily-may-2020/ and let’s talk!

Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com.

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