Sharing My Passion With You

“I am well-traveled, and I think that Allison has a gift. She sets herself apart by sharing her passion and experiencing the culture as if for the first time with us. I have already told so many people that it was the most amazing experience! I am planning to attend another trip in the future and want my husband to share it with me.”

– Allie from Lebanon, NJ who was a participant in 2019’s Myths & Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below.

I want you to feel Sicily. I want you to be transformed during your travel experience with Experience Sicily. Join me and Tony Allicino here in Selinunte on Day 9 of May 2020’s tour, Myths & Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below.

Learn more about this and all of our upcoming journeys at

(Photo of Allison Scola at Selinunte in front of Temple C (perhaps the Temple of Apollo) built between 560 and 540 B.C.E. by Studio Uno/Nick Gagliano)

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