Joy In The Community Effort In Sicily

The Arches of Easter or gli Archi di Pasqua continues in San Biagio Platani until June 2. It is truly an extraordinary event to visit. Two brotherhoods of the town–the Jesus side (pictured) and the Mary side spend months preparing artwork with which they line the main street of town in celebration of Easter. Yet not only is Jesus’s resurrection recognized, but so are the gratitude for having made it through the scarcity of winter and the abundance of the grain harvest that supported them through it. Note the bouquet of wheat in Jesus’s hand! The religious significance of such feasts and the joy that participating in such a community effort are one and the same for Sicilians. This is what makes your participation and witnessing of them as a visitor so heartwarming. The energy is magnetic!

In July, during our Life In A Remote Sicilian Town tour, we’ll be witness to the lead-up and events of Licodia Eubea’s feast for their Santa Margherita. Come immerse yourself in Sicily with me!

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