In Palermo, You May Say, I Want My Mummy!

Not one of my favorite things, yet for some, it is their absolute favorite thing in Palermo (Tell us your thoughts in the comments!)–is a visit to the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, or Capuchin Catacombs. This series of underground corridors houses approximately 8,000 mummified bodies and skeletons of Palermitani of all ages who died between the late 16th century and early 20th century. The “inhabitants” are separated by class, gender, religion, and professional status. The unique environmental conditions, along with the meticulous preservation methodes practiced by the brothers, have preserved the corpses in excellent condition.

Please note: This is a cemetery, so please visit it with respectful behavior. No photos!

(These photos are from the postcards I purchased at the site.)

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