I Wore It As A Sun Hat To Bring It Home From Sicily

Yesterday, when completing some home improvement projects, I remembered bringing home this lampshade from the island of Stromboli. I wore it as a sun hat to get it on the plane (convincing, right?)! The memory reminded me that each of these artisanal products pictured were made with river reeds: the lampshade, storage baskets of all sizes, and the friscalettu (Reed flutes). Missing is a photo of cannoli forms, which were/are traditionally also made from the same reeds, and, how could I forget? clarinet reeds too!

When I was hiking through the Pantelica preserve earlier this month, the reeds were growing prolifically; however, I was so enamored with the clear Anapo river water, the ancient caves, and the deep blue sky, that I failed to take a photo of them for you! Next time. Meanwhile, this is a testiment to the ingenuity of the craftsmen who found multiple uses for such natural resources.

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