Do As the Catenese Do

When in… Sicily… And today, more specifically, Catania… do as the Catenese do! Going deeper, as they say… So, yeah, I ate horse meat today. I know. I know. I normally don’t eat red meat or pork, but I am on a research trip, and in the spirit of an intrepid traveler, my Catanese friends took me to a trattoria famous for its horse delicacies. So after my excellent pasta alla Norma, we ate horse meatballs, sausage, stigghiola, and fillet. I really enjoyed the sausage and the stigghiola. The meatball was very light compared to say, a beef meatball (that I remember).

The fillet, pictured, was cooked medium to well done, and was not gamey, but still a bit tough. I certainly enjoyed the fresh, crusty bread dipped in its juices containing lemon, olive oil, pepper, and a hint of white vinegar. Would I eat it again? I think it depends on the situation! But you should try some things at least once!

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  1. Diane Thomas-Pittari says:

    Oh, Wilbur!

    1. Allison Scola says:

      I know… I know. I have such mixed feelings

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