Sicilian Christmas Cookies

Pastries made with filling of chopped dried figs, pumpkin jam, honey, raisins, almonds, orange rind, cinnamon, and Marsala wine are closely associated with Christmas in Sicily. There is a larger, round, cake-like pastry called buccellato, which is also made in an elaborate cookie-sized version known as buccellati.

Meanwhile, cuccidati, pictured here, are their sister. They are stuffed with the same dried fig filling as buccellato, yet they are presented in a smaller, cookie form–some more elaborately decorated than others. Both professional and home bakers make them, and they are so good! These pictured were made by Concetta at Martino’s in Hackensack, New Jersey and by Experience Sicily client Leah in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Thank you again Leah for the wonderful gift!).

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